Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Crait

Disney Parks' Star Tours to expand and separate into old and new sagas

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Nov 13, 2017, 9:35 PM EST

While Star Wars fans consolidate their midichlorians and count down the parsecs before they can visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, they can still enjoy what Star Wars entertainment Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios already offer. While construction on the largest-ever expansion to Disney parks is underway, the tried-and-true Star Tours ride is about to get another revamp, and is set to be more equipped than ever to take guests to a galaxy far, far away.

Walt Disney World News Today is reporting that beginning on Nov. 17, visitors to Star Tours on both coasts will be treated to all-new content based on the sequel trilogy. A completely new opening sequence will debut (featuring BB-8 and other new sequel trilogy characters) before the ride whisks you off to Jakku. The ride will then take you to Crait, the new salt and red soil planet from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi (shown above).

What will become of the older sequences, featuring material from Episodes 1-6? Will you ever be able to visit Geonosis again? Worry not, the ride will eventually offer guests a choice of whether they want to experience the older saga material (updated in 2011 with 3D effects) or the new material. We don't yet know when this offering will be available, but WDWN is estimating it'll be "6-12 months after the debut of the Crait scene later this month."

So rest easy, but be prepared -- there will come a time when every Star Wars fan will have to make a choice between the old and the new. The sequel trilogy version will be shiny and new, but who wants to miss flying through Coruscant? Park visitors will have a few months before that choice is upon them. For the time being, here's hoping that everyone likes Crait!