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Disney ready to 'hit the ground running' with Fox deal closing 'soon'

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Mar 7, 2019

Disney’s long road to acquiring 21st Century Fox has almost reached its end, which means that fans of properties owned by either company will soon see their speculations paid out — and that Star-Wars-and-Marvel-owner Disney’s media dominance will only continue to grow.

After highlighting the new release date for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland and Disney World — itself a beacon of corporate synergy — chairman and CEO Bob Iger spoke at the company’s annual shareholders meeting about how the company had prepared for the acquisition, what fans can expect from the future of Disney+, and where they were on their timeline.

According to Variety, Iger explained that the company had been preparing for the purchase over the past year, saying “We spent most of [last] year on integration planning so we’ll hit the ground running as soon as the deal closes.” That means all the assets they’re getting — which includes the X-Men and much, much more — will easily slip into the production workflow of the business when final approval finally comes.

This is anticipated to come “soon,” according to Iger, who may be referring to the upcoming vote on Monday from Mexico’s telecom regulator — which is the last major governmental roadblock between the deal’s completion. Once that’s taken care of, the $70B+ deal will finally be done and the creative work can begin in earnest bringing these newly-acquired properties back onto the scene with a fresh new coat of Disney paint.

For those after more old-school Disney, Iger had good news. According to CNBC, Iger confirmed that Disney+ (the company's upcoming streaming service) will include movies from Disney's "vault" - those older films sometimes withheld from public purchase. While the company's policy had previously been to store its animated fare in this "vault" after a few years of availability, Iger has now said that the company's "entire motion picture library" will eventually be on the service.

Those interested in the business side of things should keep an eye out on Monday, when the regulatory body weighs in on the merger. Everyone else? Just wait for the movies, new and old.

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