Disney developing Tower of Terror movie?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Our horror-loving friends at Bloody-Disgusting are reporting that Disney's developing a new movie based on its "Tower of Terror" theme park ride at Disney's California Adventure and Disney World.

Citing anonymous sources, the site reports that the movie is being considered, but adds that rights issues are still being worked out. The ride—set in a mythical old-Hollywood hotel where something horrible happened decades ago—is themed to The Twilight Zone, to which Warner Brothers owns the rights.

But the ride—in which guests ride an elevator as it rises and plummets uncontrollably—seems like a natural for a movie, a ghost story flavored with old-Hollywood glamour.

Disney has had mixed success adapting its theme-park rides to films. There are the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, of course, but anyone remember Haunted Mansion?