Disney may soon own the Transformers (along with everything else)

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Not content with owning Marvel and now Star Wars, Disney may already have its next target in sight: the House That Mickey Built is looking at you, Optimus Prime.

According to MTV Geek, sources say that the Walt Disney Company is in talks to purchase Hasbro, the toy and game giant responsible for Transformers, Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos and many other products gathering dust in kids' closets everywhere. While the Transformers (and to a lesser extent, G.I. Joe) have certainly made a successful leap to the big screen, other Hasbro-based movie projects have either flopped—like Battleship—or stalled before even getting off the ground, like Ouija and Stretch Armstrong.

Those latter missteps have already helped put an end to Hasbro's deal with Universal Pictures, although it's not clear if Disney would be able to pry Optimus and the gang, as well as G.I. Joe, away from their current studio home at Paramount. Transformers in particular is a multibillion-dollar money-printing machine. But if Disney could cough up a total of $8 billion combined to buy Marvel and Lucasfilm, what's another two or three?

Disney already works with Hasbro on toy tie-ins for its own movies and characters, and—get this—Hasbro already owns a number of toy licenses for Star Wars, which makes the merger even more attractive if you're a suit cozied up with a spreadsheet in the highest reaches of Disney's corporate headquarters.

There hasn't been one official peep about this deal yet, and don't count on hearing one for a while—remember how the Lucasfilm announcement caught everyone by surprise? But if this comes to pass, Hasbro could join Marvel, Pixar and the Star Wars franchise under one gigantic pair of mouse ears. And then all the other studios can just shut off the lights and go home.

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