Disney reveals its secret animated Marvel super group movie

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Dec 17, 2012

We'd heard Disney was eyeing a new animated Marvel flick, and now we finally know which super group is involved—and the answer might surprise you.

Disney is hard at work on a big-screen version of Big Hero 6, a fairly obscure Marvel super team that has anchored some miniseries and short runs over the years.

The top secret Big Hero 6 is a group of heroes assembled by the Japanese government, and they've battled various kinds of monsters over the years.

An odd choice? Sure. But, Disney Blue Sky's Honor Hunter says the pitch is strong and the Mouse is behind it—so these lower-level Marvel characters could be the next Avengers if it goes well:

The project is story boarded and has been deemed strong enough to tentatively put in the production line. So, if the story and script work out then you can expect this project to be the FIRST DISNEY ANIMATED MARVEL FILM.
Longtime Disneyite Don Hall has signed on to direct, and the studio is eyeing a tentative 2014 release date.

Would you prefer Disney tackle a different project, or are you excited to see some more random Marvel characters grace the big screen?

(Via Blue Sky Disney)

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