Disney's ambitious new Playmation game tech lets you become an Avenger

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Jun 3, 2015

There's a sweet spot somewhere between videogames and live-action play, and Disney is trying to find it with the intriguing new game tech Playmation.

The platform is basically a combination of videogames, laser tag and action figures — all reconfigured to create something fresh. Playmation has been in development in a skunkworks toy division at Disney for approximately two years, and the final product combines motion sensors, weasel tech and a wireless system. It essentially lets a kid play as a superhero (i.e. wearing a nifty Iron Man repulsor) and play out missions in a mix of videogame, live action (physical activity!) and imagination.

The first set, based around The Avengers, is set to hit shelves in October. It'll MSRP for around $120 and include an Iron Man repulsor, four "smart toys" and two action figures. The device will simulate the sounds of a mission (i.e. sneaking through a jungle) and encourage kids to use their imaginations and the wearable tech to complete different tasks. Future sets will expand on the Avengers concept, and eventually Playmation sets based around Star Wars and Frozen are in the pipeline for 2016 and 2017.

Looking toward the future, the Playmation system will allow kids to play together in multiplayer modes, and will be expandable with new action figures to expand the missions and characters available in the different plots. It's an ambitious concept, and we can't wait to see more about how this will actually work.

Check out the Playmation tech in action below as this awesome kid gets to play as Iron Man:

The folks at Marvel have also put together a nifty announcement trailer, which makes this whole thing look even cooler. Seriously, this is just awesome. 

(Via Mashable, The New York Times)

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