Distilling Moonshine with Brian Azzarello and Will Dennis

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:19 AM EDT (Updated)

The creative duo of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is a dream team in this modern era of comics. After their first project for Vertigo Comics, Jonny Double, and their essential crime comic, 100 Bullets, they've put their stamp on on Batman in two different stories (Wednesday Comics and Broken City) before reuniting to produce the underrated science fiction mystery Spaceman and the 100 Bullets spinoff Brother Lono. The all-star team of Azzarello, Risso and longtime editor Will Dennis are reuniting for a new Image crime-supernatural horror series, Moonshine. Colors are by Risso and lettering by Jared K. Fletcher.

Coming off a memorable three-year run on Wonder Woman, Azzarello has had a year to remember collaborating with Frank Miller and Adam Kubert on Dark Knight III: The Master Race, launching creator-owned projects Alpha King (Image Comics), American Monster (Aftershock Comics) and now Moonshine. At San Diego Comic-Con, he swung by the Blastr studio with Dennis to talk about going creator-owned with Image Comics, the next evolution of Risso’s amazing art, diving into Moonshine and its the main character, Lou Pirlo.


Moonshine is set in Prohibition-era Appalachia and stars Lou Pirlo, a big-city big shot who ventures into West Virginia to swindle what he thinks are dumb Southerners. An easy task turns into anything but, however, when he runs into Hiram Holt, who is running a moonshine ring that would make the mob quiver in fear. The harder Lou tries, the closer he gets to something supernatural. Those familiar with Azzarello's writing and double meanings need only look at the title for a major clue. 

Here is a preview of the first five pages of Moonshine, due out Oct. 5. Warning, there is mature language.

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