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Exclusive: Distorted preview sends Christina Ricci on an elevator ride from Hell

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Jun 11, 2018, 1:01 PM EDT

Are you really paranoid if someone is actually out to get you? That’s one of the ideas behind Distorted, director Rob King’s upcoming psychological thriller. Christina Ricci stars in the film as Lauren Curran, a troubled artist who has retreated from the city for the sake of her state of mind. Along with her husband, Russel (Brendan Fletcher), Lauren has found a sanctuary at The Pinnacle, a hi-tech luxury condo located in the relative safety of the suburbs. The Pinnacle is a technical marvel with everything Lauren could have hoped to find. However, there’s more to the building than Lauren initially suspected.

In our exclusive scene from Distorted, Lauren has a very disturbing elevator ride that nearly frightens her to death. Whether it’s real or not remains to be seen. 

What’s really happening in The Pinnacle? Lauren becomes convinced that the building’s residents are the unsuspecting victims of a mass brainwashing. It’s a pretty big conspiracy theory, but Lauren doesn’t exactly have a lot of credibility in the eyes of her husband or her therapist. Lauren’s history of mental health problems means that she can’t trust anyone in her life to take her claims seriously. Even Lauren has to wonder if what she’s experiencing is real. 

John Cusack co-stars in Distorted as Vernon Sarsfield, a conspiracy-minded investigative journalist who shares Lauren’s perspective about The Pinnacle’s hidden secrets. Lauren and Vernon will join forces to discover the truth, but their crusade may have devastating consequences for both of them. 

Distorted will get a limited theatrical release on Friday, June 22. 

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