District 9 director and actor reteam for sci-fi mystery project

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Dec 14, 2012

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is moving forward with his next project, on which he's re-teaming with District 9 star Sharlto Copley. But what exactly are they working on?

According to Deadline, the movie is a sci-fi tale called Elysium that's set in the far future, possibly on another planet, and will include the same kind of sociopolicial ideas that made District 9 such a unique offering. It is definitely not a sequel to that 2009 sleeper hit, although Sony Pictures would love for Blomkamp to make one and hopefully earn the company another $211 million worldwide.

Meanwhile, there's no word on whether Copley will once again be the lead in this film, a job he so memorably performed in District 9 (he also arguably stole The A-Team last summer as H.M. Murdock), and reps for other actors are already being contacted about additional roles. Unlike District 9, Elysium will be made in the Hollywood system, and Deadline says that Blomkamp is also meeting with a number of the big studios about distribution and budgets.

Blomkamp is apparently including a graphic novel as part of his presentation to the studios, but there's no word on whether this weird teaser that Blomkamp posted online last month via Wired has anything to do with his next feature. Either way, we'll be watching this promising filmmaker's next moves eagerly.

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