District 9 star explores icy aliens in 1st eerie Europa Report teaser

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Enjoy some nice wintry weather? Then how 'bout a dash to the legendary fourth moon of Jupiter to chill your bones? Here's the first cryptic look at a new film about a doomed Jovian journey to thaw the mystery of what lurks beneath Europa.

Jupiter's ice-encrusted moon Europa has been featured in many science fiction stories and films over the decades, including the adaptations of Arthur C. Clarke's four-book Space Odyssey series with aquatic alien life teeming below the frozen shell in its frigid oceans.

This quick 30-second peek at The Europa Report features flashes of orbiting vistas and blissful astronaut close-ups, creating a strange sinister mood until transmission fails. Directed by Ecuadorian filmmaker Sebastián Cordero, the new sci-fi flick stars Sharlto Copley, who was last seen as a bureaucrat-turned-bug in Neill Blomkamp's District 9 .

He and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol's Michael Nyqvist play two of six astronauts who make the epic journey to Jupiter's lonely glacial moon in search of extraterrestrial life when all hell breaks loose. No release date has been issued yet, but filming has been completed in New York.

Bundle up and watch the secretive clip and viral video, then head over to the movie's mission site at Europa Ventures LLC.

What do you think? Does this tease warm your interest or send you shivering for cover with the thought of another Apollo 18 disaster?

(via Collider)