Disturbing visions haunt a shrink in new trailer for Netflix's Clinical

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Jan 10, 2017, 9:00 AM EST

Netflix has an insatiable appetite for original genre material right now, and here's another intriguing project that's been kept mostly in the shadows until now. Director Alistair Legrand's Clinical is a haunting new horror flick centered around a psychologist's unsettling interactions with her young patient and the reverberations of that encounter that are causing a series of nightmarish visions in her life. Legrand captained 2015's The Diabolical, an indie paranormal frightfest that featured a scientist battling a rampaging ghost inside his girlfriend's home.  

This eerie NSFW trailer conjures up some genuinely frightening moments, and Clinical might be a sleeper hit to add to your New Year's horror viewing list. Brace yourself and have a look ...

Starring Vinessa Shaw (The Hills Have Eyes), William Atherton and Aaron Stanford, Clinical checks in on Netflix on Friday, Jan.13, 2017.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)