Dizzying infographic explains complex history of 10 Spider-Men

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

As with most classic comic book heroes, the story of young Peter Parker is one that has been told and retold about a million different times—all with tiny tweaks and changes depending on the medium and the writer. Luckily, this nifty infographic will help you keep track of all those different versions of Spider-Man.

Compiled by the folks over at Buzzfeed, this massive, tangled web of history breaks down 10 distinct versions of Spider-Man and how everything from his origin tale to love interests varied during those runs. Heck, it even ties in the different super-power tweaks that have popped up over the years. And yes, the shiny new big-screen version of The Amazing Spider-Man is also included.

Check out the graphic below (click for larger version):

Sound off: Which is your favorite take on the friendly neighborhood webslinger?

(Via Buzzfeed)