Do creepy tarot cards offer clues to the future of FlashForward?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Remember that awesome Spanish promo for the sixth season of Lost that was better than anything ever shown in the U.S.? Well, now it's FlashForward's turn to tease with an unusual ad campaign promoting the series as airs on AXN in Brazil.

The Sao Paulo ad agency Publicis put together four eerie print ads that tease about the futures seen by the FlashForward characters when they lose those two minutes and 17 seconds, and we've been studying them to see whether they offer any hints as to what to expect when the series returns Thursday, March 18.

The four cards—of The Prisoner, The Millionaire, The Betrayal and The Pregancy—don't feature the stars of the show, but they do address the fates feared by some of the characters, such as the future pregnancy of FBI analyst Janis Hawk (Christine Woods), the crumbling marriage of Dr. Olivia Benford (Sonya Walger) and FBI Special Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), and so on.

The cards are probably nothing more than an adman trying to make the show exciting to a local audience. But as long as they're as intriguing as these, it's still fun to speculate.

Thanks to Ads of the World for bringing these to our attention.

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