Do phone psychics know it’s you before you call them?

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Apr 11, 2007

Karen Stollznow is an Aussie skepchick and a friend of mine. She is an active skeptic-- someone who walks the walk, going out and investigating extraordinary claims. She writes for the Australian Skeptic Journal, and has a website too.

She looked into a particular phone psychic -- you know, those scammers who pretend to be able to read your aura or sense your chi or some other nonsense, and then charge you outrageous sums for the privilege (when even one penny is infinitely more than it's worth). Her article about the experience is quite good and worth a read.

Good thing Miss Cleo is already off the air. She wouldn't want Karen on her case.

Tip o' the tin foil hat to Rebecca for reminding me I told Karen I'd write about this!

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