Do these Batman v Superman set photos reveal a MASSIVE spoiler?

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

If these photos really reveal what it looks like they're revealing, it's the biggest spoiler we've seen yet for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Filming's been underway for a while now on Zack Snyder's DC Comics followup to Man of Steel, and as a result we've seen several interesting images from eager set spies, from the Lexcorp building logo to what looked like part of a very large Superman statue. None of those images revealed any really massive plot details to us, though. We already know Lex Luthor is in the film, and a statue dedicated to Superman is just a very comic-book kinda thing to do. The latest images to hit from the set, however, are a different story.

Before we go any further, know that there are potentially HUGE SPOILERS right up ahead, so if you're particularly concerned about that kind of thing, you might want to turn back now. Seriously, this is a biggie. 

Go ahead and make up your mind. I'll wait ...

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OK, moving on. Yesterday, the blog Michigan Movies and More put up a series of images from the Dawn of Justice shoot in Pontiac, Mich. They included shots of news vans from Gotham City and Metropolis, a whole host of extras (including some in military dress uniforms), and this:

That would appear to be the once-mighty statue of Superman reduced to rubble, with crew members scattering flowers around the pieces. Other images (which we'll put in a gallery below) show extras gathered around the site clutching what look like flowers, and most of them look very well dressed. Now, while it's not impossible that this is the result of some unfortunate accident in which Superman threw a florist's shop at Batman and accidentally broke his own statue, it seems pretty likely that we're witnessing some kind of memorial or tribute to the Man of Tomorrow in the wake of this destruction. 

We already know that Snyder's drawn inspiration from one iconic DC Comics story -- The Dark Knight Returns -- to make Dawn of Justice, and there have been whispers of Doomsday appearing in the film (though, to be fair, there have been whispers at one point or another of basically every major DC Comics character appearing in this film), so this might be a hint that Snyder's also roping The Death of Superman into his Justice League movie universe plans. It's a story Warner Bros. has shown interest in putting on the big screen before (remember Superman Lives?), so why not now? What if this film will show us Superman's death, and Justice League will show his return?

Then again, these images don't mean Superman's dead. Maybe the citizens of Metropolis just think he's dead. Maybe Lex Luthor shot him into space and people think he's never coming back. Maybe this isn't a memorial for Superman at all, but for all the people who died when the city got destroyed ... again. Any number of scenarios could have caused the gathering depicted here, but for now, things don't look good for Superman.

Check out the rest of the images below. 

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