Do US creationists make the world think we’re crazy?

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Jan 30, 2008

I have to think the answer to this question is yes.

My thoughts on young-Earth creationism are well known on this blog. It's completely and utterly wrong; the Earth is far more than 6000 years old, and the claims made by creationists to back up their claims are incredibly easy to disprove.

Yet it's on the rise, it seems, with major Presidential candidates kowtowing to such nonsense. And then we have incredibly bilge like the Creation Museum... and the rest of the world has taken notice.

At least they interviewed a religious man who puts creationism in its place.

Still, it's getting hard to avoid the idea that it's increasingly embarrassing to be an American these days. Despite our many proud achievements, are we known for our silliness? Moon hoax believers, psychics, and creationists. Is this how the world sees us?

If you are a citizen of some other country, then please leave a comment. What are your thoughts? Do your news outlets, magazines, radio, and other media portray us as fringe lunatics? Our own media here are irritatingly isolationist, making it hard to get a sense of what the rest of the world actually thinks.

Here's your chance. This will be a biased sample, of course, but let's hear it. How does your country view America?

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