Do you still think the White House isn’t suppressing science?

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Mar 28, 2007

Haven't you been listening?

Well, Chris Mooney, as usual, has the goods. This time it's the NOAA holding down scientists who have the opinion that global warming is fueling more intense hurricanes. Not, you must note, that this is established science: they are suppressing scientists who simply say the evidence is there and we should at least look into this more.

This is, purely and simply, evil. I might wish it weren't so prevalent, but we've seen how this Administration behaves toward science. Now, at this point, after so many years, what makes me most sad is how many people still try to deny it. The evidence is in. And in and in and in. Time to stop denying, and start doing something about it. These Congressional hearings (remember oversight, and checks and balances? I sure do, and it's nice to see them again) are a fine start. But they're only a start. I want to see a lot more of this -- a lot more -- in the coming months.

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