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Doc Brown wanna-be ticketed for going 88 mph in his DeLorean

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May 29, 2017, 10:55 PM EDT

As far as I'm concerned, if you drive a DeLorean, you should get a different speed limit than everyone else: 88 mph. Heck, you shouldn't be allowed to drive slower than that either.

Alas, this is not my world, and laws are laws, no matter how good a movie Back to the Future is. That's what DeLorean owner Spencer White is finding out after getting a speeding ticket while driving his DeLorean DMC-12 in California's Santa Clarita Valley. According to The Signal, "On Friday around 9 p.m., he decided to take his mother on the freeway for the first time in his 1982, stainless steel DeLorean."

At this time, it's a bit unclear whether White was taking Mother for her first freeway journey in the DeLorean, or if it was her first time on any freeway. It matters little, though, because he was was clocked going exactly 88 mph, which is of course the magic number at which Doc Brown's DeLorean-based time machine starts traveling back to the future in the film (see the mildly NSFW clip below). The CHP officer was happy to tell White about the exact figure. All parties shared a laugh at that, but it appears the officer's sense of humor stopped there, as he issued White a citation for speeding anyway.

You can't discredit the officer for doing his job to the letter of the law, so perhaps this needs to go up the chain. What do you think, should all DeLorean owners be allowed to properly test their car's flux capacitor at 88 mph, regardless of what dangers it might pose to fellow drivers? Do you think we should start a letter-writing campaign to appeal to lawmakers on this one?

(via The Signal)