The Doctor and River quarrel over being sacrificed in latest Who minisode

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Sep 26, 2013

The latest Who minisode (written by Neil Gaiman!) reminds us that the Doctor and River are equal parts amazing and terrible at dealing with conflict.

The complete 7th season of Doctor Who was released on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday and, thankfully, one of the three brand-new minisodes that appear has found its way online. Rain Gods tells the brief tale of who the Doctor and River were nearly sacrificed to, surprise, some rain gods.

If you're wondering where this idea came from, Neil Gaiman is happy to fill us in.

For the puzzled and curious. The lost Planet of the Rain Gods sequence from THE DOCTOR’S WIFE, which was drawn by Mark Buckingham as a comic featuring the Doctor and Amy and Rory in the 2012 Doctor Who Brilliant Book, was then rewritten by me as a Doctor/River minisode for the DVD, and then that script was filmed more or less given some limitations of time and budget, does now sort of exist.


(via Doctor Who TV)

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