Doctor Aphra steals hearts to win the Hasbro Star Wars fan figure vote

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May 8, 2017, 3:52 PM EDT (Updated)

The Hasbro Star Wars fan figure vote is always interesting because it's by the fans for the fans, to bring characters into the Hasbro toy line that may not have been made otherwise. Because it opens up more possibilities than the strict canonical characters, previous winners include Star Wars Legends' Jaina Solo (2016), and Knights Of The Old Republic's Darth Revan (2015) and Bastila Shan (2009).

This year's winner first made her appearance in Marvel's Darth Vader comic book before moving on to her own solo title in 2016.

Doctor Aphra will be the next Hasbro Star Wars 3.75" action figure, narrowly beating out Ahsoka Tano and firmly establishing her place in Star Wars fans' hearts and on their toy shelves. We certainly saw more than a few Aphras at Star Wars Celebration, so all signs point to her becoming an enduring fan favorite all the way around.

To celebrate Aphra's win and the Star Wars 40th anniversary, Hasbro also released a new video to celebration the original Kenner figures so many of us know and love.

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