The Doctor Donna is back and we've got the first clip. Well, isn't that wizard.

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Nov 20, 2015, 12:52 PM EST (Updated)

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble are the best. Aliens being harvested from human fat? They've got it sorted! Oods being enslaved? Not anymore! The entire multiverse about to be erased by the creator of the Daleks? They'll metacrisis the crap out of that situation!

In fact the only thing not to like about David Tennant and Catherine Tate's run on Doctor Who is that it ever had to end. Also, that it ended with Donna's mind being wiped. That was a bit rubbish.

But, never mind! What matters is that Big Finish is bringing the pair back for three all-new audio adventures, so all is right with the world. And, even better, you can listen to a spoiler-free clip from the second adventure, The Time Reaver, right now!

Planet of the Boys? If only. Alas, the Doctor and Donna never seem to find the time for boy planets (or boy anything, really, bless), and where they're headed sounds much more sinister based on the episode synopsis.

Calibris. The spaceport planet where anything goes. Where anyone who doesn't want to be found can be lost, and where everything has its price. Where betentacled gangster Gully holds sway at the smugglers’ tavern, Vagabond’s Reach. 

The alien Vacintians are trying to impose some order on the chaos. Soon the Doctor and Donna discover why. An illegal weapon is loose on the streets. A weapon that destroys lives… Slowly and agonisingly.

The Time Reaver. 

So that's any hopes that the titular Reaver might somehow, despite the name, be some sort of hypothetical boy from a planet purely populated by other hypothetical boys.

Maybe they're saving the boys for the third adventure? That must be it.

The new audio adventures of the Doctor and Donna Noble will be available in May 2016. 

(via Radio Times)