The Doctor is ready to run in new Doctor Who Season 9 trailer

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Sep 12, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans of Doctor Who have been waiting for the Tardis to materialize on to our television screens since last November (December, if you include the one-off Christmas special). Lucky for us Whovians, we only have to wait a week and a half longer, and now, we have a few more glimpses of what Season 9 will look like.  

BBC America recently posted the trailer below, which is all too brief. But, in it, we see the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) rocking out on a guitar and Clara (Jenna Coleman) telling someone, “This is how we roll.” We also get a fraction of Maisie Williams, who is playing an unknown character.

Then, there’s the dragon. 

It looks like a season of action, adventure, and Clara shouldering rocket launchers. Fortunately, the Doctor will be around to save people. It's what he does.

Oh, and that song in the background? It’s Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run.” 


(Via BBC America)