Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor gets her own comic series, with an all-female creative team

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Feb 14, 2018, 6:03 PM EST

Just in time to dovetail with this year’s release of Series 11 of Doctor Who on TV, Titan Comics has revealed its new Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic-book series, and — like the upcoming TV season — it’s powered by a strong female creative force.

On television, Jodie Whittaker may be seizing the reins in the leading role when it comes to everything from costuming to contracts. But over on the comics side, women are slotted in all three of the principal creative roles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jody Houser, the Mother Panic and Star Wars: Rogue One comics scribe, will be handling writing duty on The Thirteenth Doctor. Rachel Stott, who’s got a ton of illustrative work under her comic-book belt — including covers for IDW’s Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover, as well as several covers and interior work on previous Dr. Who series for Titan — will be the new series’ artist. Italian illustrator Erica Angiolini will be on point as colorist.

Titan hasn’t revealed specific plans for The Thirteenth Doctor’s lineup of characters and story beats, but with the assembly of the all-female creative team — just as the TV side of things shifts its focus to Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor — we’re betting on more than a little synchronicity. 

Looking beyond Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor, Titan appears to be stepping on the gas… or whatever it is that actually makes the TARDIS go. The publisher also recently announced a deluxe, 128-page compendium of its Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension mashup that spans the Dr. Who series’ full history, set to be available on Feb. 20, 2018. That graphic novel will collect all the releases in the first half of a crossover event that dates back to August of 2017.

There’s no early word on when we’ll get our first look at Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor, nor is there a release schedule, so stay tuned. Titan told THR it plans to reveal more about the series, as well as other Dr. Who projects in the works, sometime soon.

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