Doctor Who announces Misfits producer will co-executive produce with Chris Chibnall

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Jul 13, 2016, 12:41 PM EDT

In 2017, Steven Moffat's final season as Doctor Who showrunner will bow. The following year we were told that Chris Chibnall would take the reins. And he will.

But he won't be alone.

Yes, a tweet posted on Doctor Who's official social media outlet (which has since mysteriously disappeared) named Matt Strevens as executive producer for the 2018 series.

Strevens, who produced the third and fourth series of the raunchy British superhero show Misfits, is no stranger to Doctor Who and its team. Not only did Strevens produce An Adventure in Space and Time, the excellent historical drama based on Doctor Who's humble beginnings, but he also helped produce former Who showrunner, Russell T Davies' LGBT series Cucumber just last year.

Far more notable than Strevens' background as a Who fan (he grew up on Tom Baker and Peter Davison's Doctors) is his ability to produce quality product on budget. In an interview with Games Radar, Strevens went into detail on how he managed to make An Adventure in Space and Time look and feel as good as it does:

"What we’ve managed to do, given that it is a tight budget (budgets always are these days) is create a cinematic experience. We’re really trying for it to punch slightly above its weight. What we really wanted to do was get a sense of the ‘60s, so we are looking at the grade of things like The Ladykillers . We want to bring out that Technicolor 60s whereas The Hour has a very 50s sepia look and The Girl had a very Hollywood bubblegum look, the blues and the pinks. We’re going for the mauves and the greens, the green corduroy suits, those kind of reds and greens, Routemaster bus interior, things that pop. We really wanted to get a sense of cinema and we’ve been blessed to get Terry McDonough who most recently has been having a big career in America doing Breaking Bad and Hell On Wheels and those kind of things. He’s brought a real cinematic flair to it. John Pardue is our director of photography and John lit The Girl with Toby Jones." 

So in addition to working to budget, the other big thing Strevens brings to the table is his relationships with the kind of talent who can stylize well not just to genre but also period. That'll certainly come in handy on, you know, a time-travel show.

(via Den of Geek)