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Doctor Who director talks Spielberg's influence on the upcoming season

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Sep 7, 2018, 11:42 AM EDT

The 11th series of Doctor Who is almost upon us, and with it the first-ever female Doctor, played by Black Mirror's Jodie Whittaker. Yes, the new season will be a series of firsts for the beloved sci-fi series, but it will also be an homage to the classics.

During a discussion with Empire Magazine, Doctor Who director Jamie Childs admitted that '80s-era Spielberg served as an inspiration for the upcoming episodes.

"I tried to Spielberg it up a bit," he said. "[His '80s films] were a big reference. And that stuff's massively come back into fashion. The thing that most inspires me about Spielberg is how he moves the camera through the scenes with the characters and the shot tells a story."

Childs is obviously referring to shows like Stranger Things, which take their marching orders from the science fiction and horror projects of not only Spielberg, but Stephen King, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, and more. It'll be interesting to see how the adventures and fantasy concepts of the 1980s manifest themselves in Doctor Who.

According to the show's executive producer Dan Strevens, the new season will be like Forrest Gump. "It's a box of chocolates of a series. There's something different in every episode," he said. 

Doctor Who returns to the BBC on Sunday, Oct. 7