Doctor Who gets scarily festive with these 25 Christmas episode pics + tantalizing details

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Dec 8, 2014

Doctor Who’s upcoming Christmas special, “The Last Christmas,” is nearly upon us, and we’ve got 25 jolly cool pics to share with you, as well as some tantalizing tidbits about the upcoming episode.

Peter Capaldi, who dazzled us this year with his darker take on the beloved Time Lord, has dropped a few tantalizing hints about the upcoming festive episode.

“It’s a rather clever episode because it’s incredibly festive and jolly, but also quite terrifying. I’d say it’s one of the scariest Christmas adventures ever.

“Santa has crashed into Clara Oswald’s roof so he’s there with his elves, but while this might otherwise be and excuse for cheer and happiness it’s actually a nightmarish development, and only the Doctor knows why! So the Doctor has to arrive there too to save Clara from what Santa being there means for her life!”

About Santa Claus (Shaun of the Dead’s Nick Frost) truly existing in the context of the show and this story (heck, they even had a real Robin Hood -- played by Da Vinci’s Demons’ Tom Riley -- earlier this season so, why not?), Capaldi added:

“The Doctor is slightly competitive with any semi-mythical characters and it’s the same with Santa. The Doctor probably thinks Santa’s had things to himself for too long.”

He also added:

“Kids will be glad to know that Santa will remain intact by the end of the show. He’s not a Santa robot or Santa alien or anything sci-fi like that! He’s the real genuine Santa Claus!”

But what about the Doctor’s companion Clara (Jenna Coleman)? Capaldi said:

“There’s something quite profound that happens to her in this story...but of course I can’t go into that.”

Have a look at the gallery -- which gives us a first look at the cast of "The Last Christmas" and Michael Troughton, son of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton -- and let us know what you guys think. Do you believe there's any significance to the tangerines featured in some of the pics below?

(via Far Far Away Site, Doctor Who TV, Radio Times)

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