Doctor Who just cast a "storming new villain" to go up against Capaldi

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Apr 8, 2014, 4:26 PM EDT (Updated)

Peter Capaldi is already scary on his own, so one of the big challenges for the new series of Doctor Who is to find a villain who is even scarier.

Enter British actor Ben Miller, who has just been confirmed by the BBC as the man who will be playing the baddie in Mark Gatiss' upcoming episode.

And the best part is that Miller is a fan, saying, "As a committed Whovian I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures. My only worry is that they'll make me leave the set when I'm not filming."

And, yes, he'll be taking on the role of the villain, which is a great change of pace for an actor who's best known for his comedic work (and dealing with dinosaurs on Primeval). And Steven Moffat himself is ready to see Miller to push his darker side to the fore, saying, "Mark Gatiss has written us a storming villain for his new episode, and with Capaldi in the TARDIS, we knew we needed somebody special to send everybody behind the sofa. And quite frankly, it's about time Ben Miller was in Doctor Who!"

So there you are! New baddie. The question is -- what kind of baddie will he be -- existing villain, or something altogether new?

(via Doctor Who)

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