Doctor Who looks at Missy and Osgood in new clip leading up to Season 9

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Sep 2, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

The Master has been the Doctor’s foil since their school days in Gallifrey, but when we first met the character, he was played by Roger Delgado … and he ate a production director with a chair. Now he’s a she—Missy—but it doesn’t mean she’s any less dangerous.

In the BBC America clip, actress Michelle Gomez describes her character as someone who “gets to kill all these people, but she doesn’t feel bad about it.” The clip shows us snippets of Season 8, and we're reminded that Gomez is a powerhouse of a talent.

In the same clip, we also get some words from Ingrid Oliver, known to Whovians as Osgood, aka the woman that Missy disintegrated in “Death in Heaven.” We’ve known since May that Osgood would be returning (to the delight of Oliver). But here we get more on the actress’ response to reading about her death. The tale involves Steven Moffat’s maniacal laughter. 

Note: When Michelle Gomez isn’t tearing up the screen as an evil Time Lady, she’s tearing up the Internet as an “agony aunt” in some hilarious and extremely NSFW videos.     

Check it out:

Via BBC America.

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