The original Cybermen will return for Peter Capaldi's final Doctor Who episodes

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Mar 7, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

This year, Peter Capadi will say goodbye to Doctor Who after three seasons, leaving behind a show he's loved since he was a child and taking his final bow in the 2017 Christmas special. This season also marks the final Doctor Who curtain for showrunner Steve Moffat, who's been running the series since 2010 and whose writing credits stretch over 12 years and four different Doctors. We still don't know everything that Capaldi and Moffat have planned for us in their final season, but now we know which villains they've chosen for their final regular episodes.

The BBC announced this week that the Cybermen will return for the final two episodes of Doctor Who Series 10 ... but with a twist. While Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor has already battled the Cybermen during his time in the TARDIS, these monsters will actually be the original "Mondasian Cybermen," who first appeared in the serial The Tenth Planet in 1966. The Cybermen have been redesigned several times since then, but this marks the first appearance of the original creepy look in more than five decades. Check out the promotional image that came along with the announcement.

The Mondasian Cybermen, described as Capaldi's "longtime favorite" Who villains, will appear in the 11th and 12th episodes of the 10th series, making them the final villains Capaldi will face on his way to the Christmas special and his regeneration. They're not the only classic monsters returning, as the Ice Warriors will also be back this year, but reverting them back to their original design will certainly make these Cybermen especially memorable.

Doctor Who returns April 15 on BBC America.

(via BBC)