Doctor Who Season 4 premier: March 22?

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Feb 5, 2008

I was just sitting here wondering when the new season (#4) of Doctor Who will air in England, and it appears that info is hard to find! The website seems to say the new series will start on March 22, but I can't confirm that after searching the BBC site. Any Brits in whoblogland know anything?

Another thing: I've noticed that the BBC America versions being aired here in the US are very different than the ones aired in the UK. Whole lines of dialog are cut; in "The Runaway Bride", for example, the very important parts of the final scene where Donna admonishes the Doctor have been totally removed ("You need someone to pull you back"). I think that's an aspect of the Doctor the new series is exploring quite well, and it's a shame that BBC-A isn't going that way. I don't know if the SciFi channel is cutting those scenes or not; I'd rather eat my own head than watch that horrid channel. If I see one more ad for a made-for-SciFi channel movie about some monster they found in the dictionary I'll shut my TV off forever and start, I dunno, reading or something.

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