Fantripping: The 10 best bars to watch the Doctor Who season premiere

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Apr 13, 2017, 8:00 PM EDT

When Doctor Who Season 10 premieres this Saturday, it will not only mark Peter Capaldi's last season as the Twelfth Doctor but will also introduce new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie). And with so much change happening, as is the nature of this 53-year-old show, it's a good idea for fans to surround themselves with friends and fellow Whovians.

But if you don't know where to gather to share in the joy of a new adventure and maybe feel both your hearts start to break, we've got you covered. From Gallifreyan-themed drinks to costume contests, what follows is a globetrotting list of international locations ideal for a Time Lord or Time Lady to get their Who on for this weekend's Season 10 kickoff.

Shakespeare Pub & Grille, San Diego, CA

Shakespeare Pub & Grille is a San Diego staple that keeps the geeky culture alive on Southern California’s coast well after SDCC has come and gone. The "authentic British Pub" was established in August of 1990 with all of the classic pub fare that you could ever want to eat -- and fish fingers and custard might just be a possible order! There will also be a costume contest with prizes awarded for the best in show.

42 Lounge, Milwaukee, WI

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? 42, of course, hence 42 Lounge in Milwaukee, a geek-themed bar that hosts a variety of events encompassing all fandoms. And not only are they hosting a Doctor Who Season 10 viewing party, but they're also offering a selection of themed cocktails (Sonic Screwdrivers, Companion Shots, Naughty Dalek Drinks, etc.) and encourage cosplay. The episode will be playing on every screen in 42 Lounge and for commercial breaks they have partnered with a local burlesque troupe called The Dainty Rogues to perform Who-themed numbers.

The Lion & Rose, San Antonio, TX

Another traditional English pub. The Lion & the Rose has a great fish & chips that is sure to satiate local Whovians that show up for their viewing party. Fans are encouraged to appear in their “Whovian finest” and to get to the event early for photo shoots outside the establishment. Every television will play the episode, but seating is limited. If you are planning to attend you must RSVP and will probably want to stake out seats early.

Battle & Brew, Sandy Springs, GA

Battle & Brew is Georgia's geek bar that regularly hosts genre-themed events and screenings with a drink menu named after some of our favorite things (as well as a collection of craft beers, because you can’t have anything less). Cosplay is always on the menu and they host photo galleries on their website, so come prepared to pose and be immortalized online. If you are planning to attend this party, RSVP through OpenTable to ensure a spot.

The Victoria Freehouse, Philadelphia, PA

The Victoria Freehouse is known for its wine selection -- and for welcoming in all local Whovians. The episode will be screened on three large televisions, which should make it visible to the entire establishment. Costumes are highly encouraged and the event page teases fishfingers and custard as well as "Sonic Screwdrivers" from the bar.

Millennium Fandom Bar, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas’ premiere geek bar is a cosplay-heavy venue, as one might imagine from Las Vegas, and is hosting its first Doctor Who premiere. The joint also features a full-sized TARDIS for photo opportunities with whatever characters you might run into throughout the night's festivities.

Blue Box Cage, Elgin, IL

Blue Box Cafe is Illinois' Doctor Who-themed coffee bar and deli that is all Whovian all the time. The premiere party has a wide variety of activities planned for the evening, including cosplay contests, trivia and a possible panel discussion.

The Pandorica, Beacon, NY

New York’s The Pandorica restaurant is, arguably, the most famous Doctor Who-themed restaurant to have opened around the world, boasting a number of impressive Whovian art fixtures. For the viewing, all menu items and drink options are named after familiar characters and staples from the mythology, and, of course, patrons are more than welcome to come dressed as their favorite regeneration, companion or alien species.

We Will Nerd You, Foggio, Italy

We Will Nerd You is an adorable comic book shop in Foggio, Italy, that hosts a number of afternoon and evening events with Doctor Who screenings among them. Not only will fans be welcome to sit on the adorable couches and enjoy the Season 10 premiere, but We Will Nerd You serves fresh baked goods and both hot and cold beverages. This is likely to be a more intimate event that would be great for conversation and analysis of the episode as well as speculation on events of the upcoming season.

Vandal (presented by SuperWhoLock), Belfast, Northern Ireland

In case you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of SuperWhoLock, allow me to catch you up: It's a pretty big corner of the fandom/fanfiction community wherein the characters from Supernatural, Doctor Who and BBC's Sherlock crossover on the regular. They also throw a lot of raucous events that a lot of people show up for due to the wide net of the intertwined fandoms. This Doctor Who Season 10 premiere party is thrown by two local Belfast organizations including Courtyard Events and Vandal, the geek-themed host bar. They also have themed cocktails including a TARDIS and will be screening older episodes all day.

Where will you be watching the Doctor Who Season 10 premiere? Let us know in the comments and share your premiere photos with us on social media!