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Pearl Mackie (L) and Matt Lucas (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Doctor Who alums Steven Moffat, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas reunite to support Black Lives Matter

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Jun 8, 2020, 8:15 PM EDT

Following the global protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd, a former showrunner and some previous cast members of Doctor Who have reunited to present a minisode to help raise funds for the Black Lives Matter movement at the center of the protests.

Produced while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Steven Moffat has written “The Best of Days,” a short featuring Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas reprising their roles as Bill and Nardole, respectively. It also features music by former Who composer Murray Gold.

Following the events of "World Enough and Time" and "The Doctor Falls" (the last two episodes of Doctor Who’s Season 10), Bill is back on earth while Nardole has remained on the spaceship hovering by a black hole. The two are staying in touch via a daily spacetime telegraph, and they have a rule: send each other only good news. And it’s kind of delightful to see the mental and verbal calisthenics Nardole does to stick to his rule of positivity.

Bill notes that some positive things have happened due to being under quarantine for months. “The sky has never been so blue, the air has never been so clean,” and it turns out she loves everyone she knows. And while she and her alien-goddess girlfriend are taking a break, according to her omniscient ex, they’ll be getting back together in a few months.

Unfortunately, as much as she’d like to solely deliver good news, Bill can’t quite keep this promise, since she’s been involved in a march, and “the reason we were marching isn’t good news at all.” But on the bright side, “a lot of very angry people with a very, very good reason to be angry kept their distance and kept their calm. At least where I was, everyone remembered to be kind.”

Check it out below...

Although Bill doesn’t explain the specifics of the march or why people are marching (apart from the line about Cybermen), the video itself has been done in response to the real world protests taking place in response to Floyd being killed while in Minneapolis Police Department custody last month.

Mackie is asking that, in addition to donating to the Black Lives Matter movements both in the U.S. and U.K., fans also consider giving to the following charities: The Black Curriculum, which aims to get accurate Black history on the curriculum in the U.K. as soon as next year; Campaign Zero, which has a strategy of advocating eight policies that, if passed, would decrease police violence by 72 percent; and Black Visions Collective, a black, LGBTQ+ led organization committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence, and shifting the public narrative to create long-term change.