Doctor Who writer teases 1st look (kinda) at 50th anniversary

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Feb 6, 2013, 12:42 AM EST (Updated)

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is just around the corner, and now a writer for the special has given us our first look at the festivities.

Mark Gatiss, who is penning the script for the Who anniversary special An Adventure in Space and Time, has teased the first shot of the script. What does it tell us? Well, not much, other than the fact that he finished a draft on Feb. 1. But it is tantalizing.

Space and Time is a separate project from the proper Who 50th-anniversary episode, which is rumored to include everything from vintage Doctor cameos (more likely) to a surprise regeneration (less likely). Gattis’ project will star David Bradley (Harry Potter) as the First Doctor William Hartnell, in a docudrama that will follow the creation of the show back in the early days of sci-fi television.

The standalone should be a great companion piece for the proper 50th-anniversary special episode, and is a sneaky way to bring a whole new generation of Who fans into the classic series.

What surprises do you think showrunner Steven Moffat has in store for the mighty anniversary of the madman and his blue box?

(Via Bleeding Cool)