Doctor Who's first 8th season teaser finally reveals when we'll get new episodes

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May 23, 2014, 4:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Who fans have been waiting and waiting for season eight to begin -- when will it end?! Well, now we know.

The BBC has released a teaser trailer for Doctor Who's eighth season since the show returned in 2005. Hint -- there's not much to it. But it does give us one thing we've been wanting to know for a while: When the show will start airing again.

So there you are. August. That's sooner than we dared hope. For a while, the rumor was that it wouldn't start until well into autumn so there would be no gap between the series proper and the Christmas special. Thank goodness that didn't turn out to be true. The wait's been endless as is.

Also? Is that an exploding TARDIS behind Peter Capaldi?

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