Doctor Who's K9 to get his own movie

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Oct 29, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

As we learned recently, Doctor Who will be extending its reach with a YA spinoff series. But it seems that the Doctor’s reach will extend even further, to the big screen: One of the Doctor’s companions will be getting his own movie. The companion to break out of television will be … K9.

According to Doctor Who News, “The new K9 will be appearing in a Multi-Million Dollar movie which promises to be a great action adventure set in deep Space. The film will be full of dashing heroes and heroines, Androids, monstrous Aliens and an ultimate foe who will also be familiar to Doctor Who fans everywhere; the megalomaniac OMEGA.” The movie will be called K9-TimeQuake.

Remember K9? The robot dog first appeared in the 1977 episode "The Invisible Enemy" and was an affable sidekick to Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor and his many companions. He has reappeared since then, but he never made a great impact on the show.

I have to admit, when I first heard the news, I thought, “This isn’t the best idea.” After all, there are more engaging companions (I’d pay good money to see a movie with Donna Noble or Captain Jack Harkness), and K-9’s original 1981 television show wasn’t all that good. K-9 returned to the 2007-2011 series The Sarah Jane Adventures, but he was more of a supporting robot dog than a main character. Plus, he appeared in the short-lived 2010-2011 Australian TV series K9 the Series.

But then I read, “The film “K9-TIMEQUAKE” has been written by one of K9’s original creators, Bob Baker, a renowned writer of classic Doctor Who serials. Bob went on to co-write with Nick Park, creator of the Oscar and BAFTA-winning Wallace & Gromit series of film shorts as well as the feature film Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Baker wrote Curse of the Were-Rabbit?! I’m on board. I’m boarding this boat to K9 Town. I’ve brought my bathing suit. 

A movie about a robot dog realistically skews young. But if you've seen the Aardman Animation movie Curse of the Were-Rabbit, a movie I can only describe as "fluffy goodness," you'd know it appeals to all ages. A movie about K9 could therefore appeal to an even wider demographic than family-friendly Doctor Who.

So, which K9 will get the starring role? Mark I is with Leela on Gallifrey. Mark II is in N-space with Romana. Mark III died in "School Days," but Mark IV is with Sarah Jane Smith (mothballed since the death of Elisabeth Sladen). And then there's the unnumbered Australian version. (As we see, Baker, who co-owns the rights to the character, along with writer Dave Martin, has kept his property alive and kicking.)

We’ll have more than enough time to contemplate logistics: K9-TimeQuake is scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

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