Doctor Who's latest Christmas special introduced the first female Doctor and Twitter's fallen in love with her

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Dec 25, 2017, 10:37 PM EST (Updated)

It's December 25, and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for a new Doctor Who Christmas special. This year's festive episode, "Twice Upon a Time," involves the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) going on an adventure with the First Doctor (Game of Thrones' David Bradley standing in for the late William Hartnell). Two doctors for the price of one in an event that co-stars Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and Pearl Mackie (the current Doctor companion).

Taking place on the death-strewn battlefields of WWI and the ethereal realms of space and time, "Twice Upon a Time" is the final adventure of Capaldi's Doctor Who tenure. In the special, he refuses to regenerate, but we know he will end up doing so, as Jodie Whittaker (Black Mirror) will be taking up the post in 2018 as the franchise's first female Doctor, who was introduced for the first time during the special.

Now that the episode has aired, what did major Who-heads think about it? Was it a worthy sendoff for Capaldi or just a big timey-wimey mess? Most people are emotional about Capaldi's exit and head over heels for Whittaker's introduction, while a small few were unhappy with the overall execution of what is Steven Moffat's final episode as showrunner. Be that as it may, viewers were still feeling all the feelings.

Here's what fans had to say...

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