Doctor Who's season finale title revealed (and it's a doozy!)

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Apr 19, 2013, 12:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Funeral of River Song? Guess again ... 

If you've been as curious as we have to find out what the final episode of Doctor Who would be called this year, the one that would lead into the huge 50th-anniversary special, then your day has come. The name, along with a nifty poster, has arrived.

If you're keeping score, this title was on the list of possible contenders. But now we have it, and we also know that, yes, Alex Kingston (aka River Song) will be in the finale. So perhaps there will be a funeral yet ...

And just a quick reminder, the synopsis of the episode is:

Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him towards the one place in all of time and space that he should never go

By the way, can anyone out there read Gallifreyan? Because it looks like there's some written there within the word "Doctor."

(via Doctor Who TV)