The Doctor is your pal, reveals season 8 premiere date, explains why it's only 12 episodes

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Jun 28, 2014, 7:23 AM EDT (Updated)

Are you ready for a whole new Doctor? Good, because Who's coming soon ... ish.

Well, we knew the eighth season of Doctor Who was debuting in August. And while it would have been amazing if it were the beginning of August, we fans just aren't quite that lucky. The first episode will air on Aug. 23.

But that's not the only news. The much more interesting confirmation comes in the form of that premiere's length. The episode, entitled "Deep Breath," will be "feature-length." That probably means closer to one and a half hours as opposed to a whole two. But this certainly explains why there's only 12 episodes on the production slate -- the episode is basically two for the price of one.

So all that news out of the way -- how about a teaser? I hope you like things that are 15 seconds long and feature a lot of the Doctor in silhouette!

Well, that was kind of menacing. Cool, though. Now we just have to wait nearly two whole months more. Easy ...