Rumor of the Day: Doctor Who season finale features THREE Doctors

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Dec 14, 2012

The mysterious River Song would be screaming *HUGE SPOILERS* at the top of her lungs right now, 'cause at the moment, IMDb is listing the return of not only one but two very important names that have us both giddy with excitement and scratching our heads in disbelief about the season 6 Doctor Who finale this Fall.

First off, take this with a massive mountain of salt (it definitely needs more than a grain of salt, as you'll see) because IMDb, that fountain of both truths and falsities (IMDb is self edited and accredited people can write whatever names they want) is not the most reliable source out there concerning casting rumors. But it's potentially so big, so amazing, that we had to talk about this.

So read at your own risk.


Last chance before your eyes see this and you can't un-see it.

Are you sure?

Ok then, here goes!

IMDb lists both David Tennant and Peter Davison as playing The Doctor alongside Matt Smith! Yep. You read right.

Which is a bit strange, because if it's true, you'd have thought that Steven Moffat and company would have waited to bring out the big guns (aka former Doctors) for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, which is coming up in 2013, and not for a one-off season finale (it's not a two-parter this year).

Again, as we said, IMDb is not the most reliable source out there. Just last year, it had Gavin & Stacey actress Joanna Page listed for an upcoming role for the last episode of the fifth season of Doctor Who, which sparked a media frenzy and debate about whether or not she'd be a Time Lady or the Doctor's grand-daughter, Susan Foreman. Of course, the actress denied she had been cast on Doctor Who and her name eventually vanished from IMDb.

But again, IF the casting of both David Tennant and Peter Davison as the Tenth and Fifth Doctor is true, this will either turn out to be very good news or very bad news for Doctor Who fans out there, depending on where you stand on the subject.

But what do YOU guys think? Do you think it's true or false? And if true, what do you think about seeing two former Doctors work alongside the Eleventh Doctor so soon?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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