Who's Matt Smith talks about which Time Lord was HIS first Doctor

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Dec 17, 2012

Everyone who watches Doctor Who has ''their Doctor.'' Usually it's the first Doctor they've seen on the sci-fi series, and that particular Time Lord ends up having a special place in the viewers' hearts. Same thing happened to the Eleventh Doctor himself, actor Matt Smith. Wanna guess which Time Lord was HIS first Doctor?

Speaking to Den of Geek, Smith talked about the influence the old Doctors had on his take on the Eleventh incarnation of our beloved Mad Man in a Big Blue Police Box.

While it's common knowledge that Smith physically based his Doctor on the Third Doctor, played by the late Patrick Throughton (the bow tie, guys, bow ties are cool), we don't think Smith ever really talked about who was his FIRST Doctor:

Yeah! As soon as I got the job, I went through tonnes and tonnes — I got them to send me pretty much every episode that I could get my hands on. So I went through Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, a bit of Hartnell... So I've dipped in. I hate to say, I've never watched really any Colin Baker episodes.

My first Doctor, and I told him this, was David [Tennant]. I did it the wrong way round! I watched all of David's stuff and all of Chris's stuff, and then I went backwards... I was always aware of Doctor Who, but I didn't grow up with it.

So, no Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) episodes? Baker may be disappointed to hear that! And what about the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison? Smith doesn't say. However, he admitted that he did see the only TV adventure of the Eight Doctor, played by Paul McGann:

I have seen it, and it's good, but I kind of think the Doctor isn't a guy who goes and drinks cocktails at parties. If he did, then he'd go and he'd drop all the cocktails and he'd find that in the olive there was something that was about to explode and kill everyone! Paul is a great Doctor, actually; but I don't think it was the most Doctor-y of stories.

Are you guys surprised at all that David Tennant's Doctor was Smith's first Doctor? After all, since Smith was taking over Tennant, it's normal he'd start with him, right?

(via Den of Geek)