Why Doctor Who's River Song will be the 'queen of Mischief' in S7

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Dec 17, 2012

You guys know how much we luuurve River Song (Alex Kingston) on Doctor Who, right? And you know we totally love the fun and mischief she brings Every. Single. Time. To our beloved Time Lord (Matt Smith). So it's great to know that, thankfully, her return appearance in the upcoming season seven won't be any different.

While speaking to MTV Geek during this past Comic-Con, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat did admit that River Song was coming back in the fifth episode of season seven (we already knew that), but that her appearance would be more of a one-off thing (say it ain't so!).

The reason for that? Well, it's because Moffat feels like he already did the "big River Song story" in the previous season.

Producer Caroline Skinner said, "She's so the queen of mischief in this episode [episode 5]." Of course, Skinner is referring to River's role in the Manhattan set of the Weeping Angels episode. It's the one where Rory's (Arthur Darville) zapped back in time.

When io9 asked Moffat if there was any place left to go with River Song after basically witnessing her birth, her marriage to the Doctor, and her death, Moffat said:

"There's also just having River turn up and have fun on an adventure, which is fun too," he says. "She's one of the people who can draw the Doctor into a mad adventure very, very quickly and very, very easily. That's a different way of doing it. Sometimes you'll just see her phoning the Doctor up and saying, 'Let's go see that.' There's that part of the relationship too, which is big bonafide adventure."

And that's just how we love it: The Doctor and River having mad, timey-wimey adventures in the TARDIS. Forever. Well, almost.

And will we finally see the Doctor's nightly adventures with River? This is what Moffat told MTV Geek again:

"I don't know if we'd be allowed to! Heaven knows, I think it's important that characters keep secrets from their writers, and the Doctor has not given us the information about what happens on those nights. He's a gentlemen. Gentlemen never tell."

Well, let's hope Moffat changes his mind about that. What do you guys think?

(via Doctor Who TV)