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Does this FaceHugger breathing apparatus suggest an alternate ending to The Predator?

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Dec 4, 2018

If you think Boyd Holbrook's exo-suit at the end of The Predator was the ultitimate in Predator-busting gear, there was something else that almost made it even more cooler — and might've also tied things closer to the Alien franchise along the way.

New concept art shows an unused prop, presumably drawn up during development on the film, that could have possibly connected The Predator with the Alien universe (not that the franchises haven't cross-bred before). How it would have linked them this time, we're not exactly sure, but it's still awesome nonetheless. The design comes from Jon K. Miller, who reportedly worked on the film.

Behold the FaceHugger mask. Unlike an actual FaceHugger, this appears as if it’s supposed to keep you alive rather than implant an embryonic Xenomorph into your chest cavity, but that unmistakable resemblance is just creepy. It even has the Weyland Yutani logo on it, which makes things all the more confusing.

There is also a certain irony in it being referred to by artist Sara Villarreal and model shop supervisor Jon K. Miller as the “FaceHugger breathing apparatus” since you can’t exactly breathe with a real one plastered to your face.

Villarreal and Miller supposedly built this unnerving piece of equipment, designed by Fausto de Martini, for what Miller says was “an alternate ending” to The Predator. What that alternate ending would have been may be forever lost in space. Was it the Arnold cameo that got trashed by Arnold himself? Was it something else entirely? Miller does admit in his post that he was disappointed it was cut from the final version of the film, whatever that means.

You have to admit this thing does look genuine. Anyone oblivious to FaceHuggers would probably think it was some bizarre piece of hospital equipment, perhaps a high-tech alternate version of a breathing tube. Of course, if you recognized it anywhere else but these photos, you would probably be shrieking your lungs out whether or not anyone could hear you scream.

Editor’s note: SYFY WIRE has reached out to 20th Century Fox for verification that this prop was designed for an alternate ending to The Predator. At the time of publishing, there has been no response.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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