Does showrunner shakeup mean good or bad things for Supernatural?

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Dec 17, 2012

Some big changes are afoot behind the scenes of The CW's Supernatural, which could mean those in the know are getting ready for a potential eighth season.

Longtime writer Sera Gamble, who has most recently served as co-showrunner on the demon-hunting series, will step down to focus on general development, according to Deadline. In her place, former Supernatural producer Jeremy Carver—the current executive producer of Syfy's hit Being Human—will return to the CW show where he got his start.

Though the move likely doesn't mean much as far as the tone of the show is concerned, as both are longtime alums of the series, it does bode well for a renewal. Why would you create a succession plan if there weren't anything to succeed?

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly seem to agree, with television writer James Hibberd noting that an eighth season is now much more likely than not.

"While Supernatural still doesn't have an official pickup yet for an eighth season, networks don't change captains on a boat they've decided to sink," he wrote. "This is in line with our prediction for the show."

Sound off: Would you like to see another year of the Winchesters cruising around, saving the world?

(via Deadline)