Does this leaked Prometheus call sheet reveal a major spoiler?

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Dec 17, 2012

An alleged script call sheet from Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic Prometheus has popped up online, and the notes seem to reveal a potentially large spoiler for the Alien prequel. Potential spoilers ahead!

The scan, via The Prop Stop, is pretty low-quality—but some details are decipherable, including a scene where someone's head appears to roll across the floor.

Per the notes, it seems David's (Michael Fassbender's android character) head may come off, when the "Juggernaut is hit by the Prometheus." Of course, he being an android, that doesn't necessarily mean death.

Here's the best effort at a translation, via Comic Book Movie:

Interior Pyramid - Entrance Tunnel
C'up (closeup) Shaw and Holloway seeing Engineer collapsing

Interior Pyramid- Various Passages
David checks his [illegible] display. [Rest is illegible]

Interior Pyramid- Corridor/ Exhaust Shaft
Shaw climbs up- the corridor/ exhaust shaft.

Interior Juggernaut- Bridge [with] Pilot's chair
David's head comes back to the [illegible]. He watches as the Engineer plots a star course. The Engineer puts on his flight suit and gets into the pilot's chair.

Interior Juggernaut- Interior Navigation and Information Room
David's head bounces across the [illegible] as the Juggernaut is hit by the Prometheus. The Engineer is knocked from his chair.

ENGINEER ELEMENTS (both of these are VFX shots of the last 2 interior shots on the Juggernaut. Essentially restates the same thing.)

Characters: Shaw, David, Holloway, Engineer
If you want to take a shot at deciphering the sheet yourself, check it out below:

(Via The Prop Stop, Comic Book Movie)