Dominate your toy battles with Nerf Doomlands 'The Judge' blaster

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Feb 2, 2017, 12:48 PM EST (Updated)

One point of geeky trivia to begin with: Did you know that Hasbro's NERF brand of toys and playthings is actually an acronym for Non-Recreational Expanding Foam? Not really as sexy a name as "Nerf," but an interesting side note nonetheless.

Anyway, Nerf is releasing this intimidating new Nerf Doomlands: The Judge later this year and will showcase its wild rotating cylinder action at Toy Fair this month. The shock and awe of this mighty Nerf novelty is enough to make lesser toy rifles flee in terror as its "jet-engine with a trigger" design inspired by Mad Max's apocalyptic wastelands makes for one menacingly macho foam-flinger.  

The Judge features a bold orange barrel that fires ten sets of triple dart blasts at annoying siblings or playground rivals. And it can be yours this fall for $60.

Will  you add this amazing blaster to your crazy Nerf collection or chance being mocked by your better-equipped enemies?

(Via Nerd Approved)