Dominic Cooper responds to all those 12th Doctor Who rumors

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Jun 12, 2013

Until recently, Captain America actor Dominic Cooper was being touted as one of the many possible actors to fill in the huge shoes left by a soon-to-be-departing Matt Smith on Doctor Who.

What does Tony Stark’s dad have to say to about his chances of being the Twelfth Doctor?

Speaking to The Express, Dominic Cooper said:

“I’ve heard absolutely nothing of this! It’s nice to be thought about though, wherever it came from. It’s a very nice acknowledgement.
“Whoever does take it on has a very very hard job. Matt has done such a wonderful, wonderful job with the intriguing, interesting and brave choices he made with him. They’re huge shoes to fill.”

He also added: “What an opportunity, it’s really exciting.”

Earlier in the week, this is what the BBC had to say:

"Speculation around the identity of who will be next to step in to the TARDIS is rife. The search has only just begun and all will be revealed over the coming months."

Are you disappointed to see Cooper seemingly out of the running? Who else do you guys think could fill Matt Smith's shoes as our beloved Time Lord?

(The Express via Doctor Who TV)

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