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Domino looked more comic-accurate in concept art for Tim Miller's version of Deadpool 2

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Aug 18, 2018, 5:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Deadpool 2 had a hiccupy start to its production as it followed up the surprise hit of the first Ryan Reynolds foray into Merc-With-a-Mouth-dom. It lost original director Tim Miller over a spat with the star, then hired on David Leitch to take the Cable and Domino-introducing story to the big screen. But since Miller was working on preproduction of Deadpool 2 since the first one hit theaters, there’s plenty of surviving evidence of his version of the film -- or at least early ideas about what Deadpool 2 could be.

Some of those ideas are found in concept art from the eight months Miller was heading the sequel. Concept artist Alexander Lozano (who’s also done work for the Spider-Man PS4 game) recently posted pictures of Domino, Juggernaut, and Cable from back in the Miller days on his Instagram. Take a look:

Juggernaut and Cable don’t look TOO different — despite a few aesthetic choices here and there with the tech and design of costumes — but Domino looks like a totally different character. That’s because she looks like every other pseudo-powerless super to hit the screen since Black Widow and Hawkeye squeezed into their hoods and leather. Sort of a banal mercenary — and it doesn’t help that the art seems based on a pre-existing, Scarlett Johansson-based fighter. Just with a black eye.

Thankfully, fans ended up getting the Zazie Beetz take on the character, whose afro, deep-necked vest, and lighter firepower made her a hero with much more visual personality -- if only because now Domino is black in the cinematic Deadpool-verse.