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Domino tries to outrun Cable in an action-packed new clip from Deadpool 2

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May 3, 2018, 12:49 PM EDT

We’re now just two weeks away from the release of Deadpool 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to one of the most successful R-rated films (and the most successful R-rated superhero film) ever. That means the movie's already tremendously entertaining marketing campaign is about to kick into another gear, and that means we finally get to see more footage in the lead-up to what’s sure to be another very wild ride.

Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), who plays mutant mercenary and X-Force member Domino, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night to promote the film, and she brought a clip along with her that showcases both the film’s action and its budding rapport between the new characters. In the clip, Domino has hijacked a massive armored vehicle and is driving it through the streets of a city, while Cable (Josh Brolin) is in hot pursuit and Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds) is following the action on a scooter. Cable is, of course, not your average human, so catching up to a speeding vehicle isn’t exactly a problem for him.

We won’t know what happens next until we watch the whole movie, but it’s fun to get a little taste of the banter between Deadpool and Domino, and to see Cable looking tough. Deadpool, for his part, is... well, he's the same old Deadpool. Check it out:

After the clip, Beetz took a little time to break down Domino’s particular mutant powers — which Deadpool claims are “imaginary” — for Kimmel.

“She’s lucky. It serves you kind of in all ways,” Beetz said. “You’re just kind of in a way better at everything. Everything just works better. She can warp probability in her favor, and only for her, for no one else around her. So kind of a selfish power.”

We’ll see just how well those powers of luck serve Domino when Deadpool 2 opens in theaters May 18.