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Donate to a good cause and crush things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Mar 12, 2014

He’s battled Predators and travelled through time to destroy the savior of humanity in Terminator — and now he has a tank. And he wants you to help crush things.

An epic idea for a fundraiser birthed on Reddit has come to fruition via Arnold Schwarzenegger’s awesomeness and the fact that he has his own tank. To help raise money for After-School All Stars, Ahnold has agreed to sell off a chance to hang out with him for a day. Check out the video above for an example of Ahnold crushing everything from birthday cakes to a DVD of Million Dollar Baby. Seriously.

What does the whole deal include? You get to ride around with Ahnold in his M47 Patton tank, crush things, smoke cigars and hit the gym. So basically you get to enjoy a typical day in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The winner also gets airfare and accommodations to California. 

Plus, if it were us, we’d also spend the whole day making him tell us stories about all his legendary sci-fi roles. Because that'd be almost as awesome as the tank. It costs 10 bucks to enter, and all proceeds go to charity, so go ahead and give it a shot.

(Via Omaze)

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