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Don't blink the new Doctor Who Season 11 teaser is here

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Jul 25, 2018, 4:59 PM EDT (Updated)

Ahead of the upcoming Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con, fans got a first look at Season 11 on Sunday with a teaser airing during the World Cup soccer match.

The upcoming 11th Season of Doctor Who not only introduces a new Doctor but the first female Doctor ever in Jodie Whittaker, making this history-making season even more anticipated. When Peter Capaldi regenerated, we got a quick look at Whittaker's Doctor, but now a new teaser gives a little more insight into Season 11... maybe.

Check it out:

Did you see it? Don't blink or you might just miss the magical moments in this teaser. A man sees a table rattle in a diner and looks up from a trance. An empty box of pizza is full again as a group of friends catches the tail end of a jacket moving out of the corner of their eye. Suddenly a man is holding a 1981 copy of The Beano, a British comic magazine. Then the Doctor herself is seen standing outside of a diner looking to the sky: "The universe is waiting."

Does it feel like a puzzle to you? Are these moments hints at what the Doctor will face in Season 11? Or is she just really hungry from that regeneration process? Maybe she just knows the importance of having caffeine before heading to save the world.

Hopefully, the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con will drop some new hints as to what's in store for Season 11. Or at least give us a release date to put on our calendar.

Doctor Who is set to air on BBC One sometime in fall 2018.

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